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Learn how a mobile app can increase efficiency and make your life a lot easier!

For those of you that mainly work in the field, how do you manage your administrative tasks and stay organized?  Do you get sick of receiving a million emails a day that pile up in your inbox?  I can’t imagine the stress that causes trying to stay on top of every trades schedule, while putting out fires at the same time.  What if we told you we can help you stay organized with Performance Point’s jobs on schedule, avoiding your email inbox?  We created a free mobile app for Iphone devices to help create efficiency and convenience.

What does the App do?

You can see all jobs on schedule with Performance Point directly from the app!  No need to search through emails or worry about who to contact.  This app lets you view all your jobs making it easy  to move a job to the following day or week if something comes up and the job is not ready for inspection.   You don’t have to receive a notification for you to move a job either.  You will get notified the day before your job is scheduled, asking if it’s ready.  If you know it won’t be ready weeks before the day of, you can proactively push it out a week or two.

My company uses Supply Pro, therefore I can’t use that app….

Wrong!  This app is not replacing SupplyPro, BuilderTrend, or any other scheduling tool your company may use.  This is a convenient tool we offer to stay organized and have easy access to view your jobs on schedule.  For example, Builder X adds their 10-day schedule on Supply Pro.  Supply Pro pushes PO’s to our scheduler who then puts those jobs on schedule in our proprietary system called Raterhelper.  Raterhelper and the Performance Point Notification App communicate to each other.  The App sends the Project Manager/Construction Manager assigned to each job a notification the day before the job is on our schedule, asking if it is ready for inspection.  You are then able to say yes or no.  If you select no, it will bring you to the calendar to select another day.  It’s that simple!  It’s easy and saves you time, so why not? And did we mention it’s free!  Go to the App Store and download it today.  The app is called Performance Point_Notification











We want your feedback!  Let us know what you think.  This was created for YOU!  Thank you for your partnership and we hope you enjoy our new scheduling tool.

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