Our Perspective On The Environment….and How We Make A Difference (a 4 part series)

Written By: Athena Seay

This is an all-encompassing subject.  Everyone’s view of the environment, how we treat it, live in it, and work in it differs widely.  We all have an opinion, from the quality of the air we breathe to the temperature changes, to the resources we use, to the animals that inhabit our earth.   Though, here in the building industry, I believe we can all agree that a healthier relationship between nature and human society benefits us all.

Here at Performance Point, we maintain that humans have a responsibility to be stewards of nature.  “We care about the environment.  We want our children and grandchildren to have clean air and water in the future, says Sam Galphin owner of Performance Point.  We support energy conservation and green technologies. “ We are all in this together, we cannot operate as an independent island.  That’s why we strive to operate in a sustainable environment and assist our customers in doing the same.

Performance Point is in the process of changing over its service fleet of vehicles to have a less environmental impact.  We even have a contest amongst our field staff every quarter to see which vehicle has the most miles per gallon.  Our Prius’s win every month!  Improving our fuel efficiency helps reduce CO2 emissions.

We also aspire to use vendors who utilize recycled materials.  The local company, Recover Brands makes our work apparel out of recycled plastic bottles.  These shirts are so comfortable, we love them!   

Within the offices of Performance Point, we have gone paperless. This has helped the environment by reducing waste, and the efficiencies have been a win for us saving time, space, and money. We’ve also rewired our office space to use LED bulbs.  Again, saving us money and reducing greenhouse gas.  

Finally, 75% of our employees work remotely in markets throughout the Southeast. 

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, fossil fuel consumption, air pollution, and paper and plastic waste.  Performance Point considers our work team extended family so that work/life balance is of utmost importance. This results in happy customers, it’s a win-win!  

Intrigued?  Have your customers requested you “go green”?  Give us a call today!

Look for our next blog in this series, NGBS and The Value of a 3rd Party Certification, April 28, 2021.