Adventures in Tennessee

Written By:  John Jeppesen

Not many people know that Tennessee is the birthplace of the tow truck…or that Performance Point is now serving new customers in The Volunteer State. We earned our stripes here in North Carolina. It has been quite successful and DR Horton thought it would be a smart move to expand our business by partnering with them in other key markets in the Southeastern states. We agreed.

Sam Galphin, the Performance Point president, likes what has happened so far. “Nashville is our first expansion of this kind.  Performance Point started in Charlotte, Greenville, and Raleigh at the same time then won and lost some battles over the years.  Outside of those three markets we have traveled to or been brought in to several other expansion markets by a customer, like Memphis, Knoxville, and Richmond.”

Galphin continues: “Nashville is the first market we have just decided to go to because of the opportunity we see there.  It is easier to get started when you have a client base already established, but it is hard just to show up in a new market with no real resources or contacts.  Either way, we enjoy the challenge and learning opportunities afforded by new markets, we always end up bringing back into our other markets new things we learn.

This growth is in our single-family division. We also serve all of the Southeast and other states across the U.S. with our Multifamily Division. Long story short, we are committed to deliberate and strategic growth in the near term. That’s remarkable given the fact that the overall economy is anemic as a consequence of the coronavirus epidemic.

Like that old song says: “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” Right now there’s a continued growth trend in the markets we are currently in, but that’s not to say we wouldn’t go into another new market if asked to by our current customers or if other markets present some unique opportunity. We are particularly interested in any that tap into energy efficiency. That’s where the growth is coming from and a technology we actively promote.

We have not opened a branch office in Tennessee, though each of our eight employees lives in the markets they work in.  We provide them with company vehicles, company phones, and the equipment they need to work remotely. All of our “office” services are centralized with our local people informing the details of how those services are executed.

We provide Quality Inspections, code and compliance services such as Performance Reports, Code Compliance Testing (Blower Door and Duct Leakage Testing), HERS Ratings, and Air Sealing in the Tennessee markets. These are the core services our customers have come to expect from us. We strive to serve our customers in any way we can. We will do whatever it takes to provide extra value for our customers. We take our reputation in the industry very seriously…and it shows.

Moving into a new market always requires learning state and local building and code requirements. Though the Tennessee rules are similar, there are subtle differences. So, our Regional Managers “get into the corners” to find them. This is critically important as we work to forge relationships with our newfound customers.

Opportunity knocked, says Galphin. “We did see an unmet demand. Before we went into the market we liked the permit data and felt like central TN was the right move.  Right now central TN is in the process of adopting some of the toughest energy codes in the country.  We were able to get there at just the right time.  Our proven capacity, integrity, and capabilities shine in TN and set us apart from our competition to be a trustworthy trade partner for code enforcement and builders alike.”


So if you see a green and white Performance Point vehicle rolling onto a job site, you may not hear it. That’s because it’s likely to be hybrid or even totally electric powered. We “think green” and practice what we preach.