Merry Christmas from Performance Point!  

Written By: Athena Seay

A well-known hymn….” Westward leading, still proceeding, guide us to thy perfect light” talks about being guided by a certain light.  Our customers are our north star here at Performance Point and delivering outstanding customer service is what guides us. During this season we reflect on what is truly important both professionally and personally. 

Sam Galphin, President of Performance Point shares ….”What is truly important for Performance Point is that we are doing an exceptional job servicing our customers.  My desire is for our customers to look back on their year and recognize that we were a big part of their success.  When they succeed we succeed!”  

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the supply chain for home builders, and that is especially highlighted during this time of year. With material shortages and production disruptions, builders are stressed.  Performance Point strives extra hard to be a partner with our builders, to help them overcome this lack of capacity.  “We may feel a little stretched right now to get to all of the scheduled homes, but we do, while other companies are falling far behind,” says Sam.

Personally, during this time of year, Sam focuses on the importance of family time and to reflect on another year gone by.  “We try to live a financially and environmentally friendly lifestyle, values that glorify Christ”.   

Performance Point also is intentional about giving back to the community.  We tithe 10% of our profits to Habitat for Humanity.  We also support Dream On 3, a charity that provides assistance to children that are sick in the hospital but can not have visitors because of Covid.

Professionally, Sam is thankful for the success of Performance Point!  For example, the jobs completed this week compared to the same week in 2018 have increased over 230%!

Also, Sam is grateful for the employees and staff that work at Performance Point.  “They are people that I enjoy and look forward to seeing and interacting with every day.” 

And still proceeding, Performance Point is exploring ways to leverage technology to service our customers even more. “We’re going to have a year focusing on expanding our capacity to service our customers in new ways.  I look forward to growing in the markets in which we currently participate by providing additional services to our customers.”



What Makes Us Different? A Customer’s Perspective…

Written By: Athena Seay

A lot of factors go into building a home; the site, the size, the structure, and the specifications.  Making a home that is extraordinary, built to the highest standards, is what you can find with Linnane Homes.  

Linnane Homes, LLC has been in the home building business since 1989 in the Charlotte area.  With homes ranging from $800,000 to $3 million, Linnane’s customers expect exceptional built houses for living. These homes are not only beautiful on the outside, but are comfortable and above the standards of the average home. For example, Linnane homes are 35% more energy efficient than the standard home. They are so confident in their homes that they provide a 10  year structural, insured, and transferable warranty.

Performance Point helps this custom builder do just that…by providing the services that make homes a lasting investment. Billy Linnane, the President of Linnane Homes was impressed with the knowledge and insightfulness of Sam Galphin, the President and founder of  Performance Point, since first meeting him at an industry function in 2009. Since then, they have collaborated on close to 100 homes. 

Both Linnane and PP have the same goals: to maximize clients’ investment with quality performance homes. Performance Point consults with Linnane Homes on the following  services: 

  • Blower Door & Duct Leakage Testing 
  • HERS Ratings (Home Energy Rating System) 
  • Building Performance Reports 
  • HVAC Design  
  • Air Sealing 

This intense attention to detail requires day to day communication between the two companies. In fact, Billy says, “Performance Point’s personal attention, their schedule flexibility,  and industry knowledge has made the perfect relationship”. 

It’s this partnership that helped Linnane Homes win the best Energy Star Certified Home 2013,  2014, and 2015. Also, they have earned the highest level for client satisfaction for 5 years straight on Houzz.  

Performance Point mirrors Linnane’s winning leadership by earning NGBS Green Partner of Excellence and is the market leader for Energy Star Certified Homes. 

To be a leader in a competitive home building market, Linnane has trusted Performance Point to work seamlessly with them, from pre-construction design to finish construction inspections.  “It’s an ongoing relationship for today and tomorrow”, says Billy Linnane. 

We are ready to start a relationship with your new residential construction business!  Performance Point is in NC, SC, TN, and Richmond (VA). 

Give us a call today (704) 563-1030



Performance Point – The Future and What Makes Us Tick

Written By: John Jeppesen

A lot has changed since we opened our doors. We’ve grown, adding new customers and services, but those are just a few of the changes.  We’re excited about that and all the new technologies and construction techniques in the industry.

Sam Galphin looked into his crystal ball and noted: “I want to continue to grow geographically and in our scope to offer what our industry wants and needs and build the systems that allow us to provide that service effectively. I am 100% committed to helping my customers be more successful, and using those returns to provide opportunities for our people. I want to operate a business that leads by example in the area of environmental and human stewardship.”

Just as a building is only as strong as its foundation, we value integrity as our bedrock. “No one will see most of what we do or how we do it. That creates an environment ripe for cutting corners and falsifying inspection information,” says Galphin. “Many in our industry do this as part of their business practice. At least once every few weeks a homebuilder tells me he is not going to follow the code because no one enforces it or a competing rater brags about a shortcut they’ve found to beat the system. The construction industry (aka “the industry”) is kind of funny in the sense that we are here to build long-lasting structures, but tend to focus on only the shortest term gains. The industry fights against the adoption of practices that can make operating a house more affordable for the occupants and environment under the notion of affordable housing; The industry champions rebate programs that benefit utilities and raters but may actually cost the consumer more.  Commitment to fighting the shortcuts and fighting for the truth in our larger industry is what I mean by integrity in our industry. It is a distinctive of ours and our employees personally.”

We care about the environment. We want our children and grandchildren to have clean air and water in the future. One step is converting to an all-electric fleet. “The technology that allows us to get from job site to job site with minimal environmental impact has come a long way,” Galphin notes. “And we believe we are about to see a tipping point in the auto industry. A 100% electric vehicle can have a lower carbon impact than an efficient gasoline vehicle, but not in every case, it is actually quite complex. We have been running a Nissan Leaf for a while now and we are impressed with its capabilities and efficiency, but the range just isn’t enough for some people to get through the day.  The same goes for the Tesla vehicles that meet the space needs of our workers. We have found the Prius to be an outstanding vehicle in its reliability, efficiency, and range.”

While we strongly encourage Energy Star type construction, the “green” movement is a mixed bag in building construction, says Galphin. “The trend toward more energy-efficient construction falls in and out of popularity driven by, you guessed it, the consumer. As consumers demand more efficient homes builders deliver them. Right now in major markets builders can sell anything they build and the demand for new homes is huge so above-code energy efficiency is not something people have to do.  The other entity demanding more efficient construction is the government.  We do see many states adopting codes that promote efficiency, but these are hard-won battles with a lot of politics and money involved in fighting on both sides. As much as we see people complaining about energy codes they do remain some of the easiest, inexpensive, and impactful codes to adopt. There are also those builders whose values and identity are wrapped up in the quality and efficiency of their homes and they are strong right now, so that is great to see.”

Last and by no means, not the least, is the Performance Point’s soul – our culture and how it plays out.

It starts with the Performance Point culture. “We pride ourselves on providing an atmosphere where people are empowered to do their jobs,” Galphin asserts. “I view myself as working for the people who work here. I enjoy looking for ways to promote the success of those on our team. People are accountable, but they are so valued, they are not afraid to admit mistakes and areas where they need to grow. So if you came here to work you’d find a wide variety of outside interests from athletics to comics, a wide variety of experiences from a lifetime of experience in the industry to fresh out of school, a wide variety of physical characteristics shapes, sizes, and ages and a wide variety of education levels – but everyone must have integrity, humility, and the drive to be the best.”

It’s no surprise the corporate culture fuels a strong sense of corporate citizenship. We care about our neighbors, the city, and the country. “This is one of my favorite things to not talk about,” Galphin modestly says. Here are a few things from the past year as examples of Performance Points giving aside from the ways we encourage our employees to be active givers. We have volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, we tithe (give 10% of our company profits), and we made hundreds of sandwiches for a local food bank and challenge others to match our contributions. We are putting together a box for a Dream On 3 kid who is stuck in a hospital without visitors because of COVID. We have donated money toward childhood cancer research and we seek to give employment opportunities to those in our community who have been passed over.  We buy everything local that we can, even though it often costs more. We provide sponsorships to a women’s conference for mothers who have lost children. Not overlooking kids, we made a significant donation for some park equipment in an underserved community.”

Even though we strive to be profitable and successful, we are holistic, more than the sum of our parts.

And if you want to get to know us better, call us at 704.563.1030.  Leave a voicemail and I’ll get right back to you.