Happy homeowners mean fewer warranty claims, better customer satisfaction scores, and organic sales growth.  If you want communities of happy homeowners then you have to deliver 100% complete, quality homes.  Implementing a QI program that includes third-party inspections is one of the best ways to deliver to your customer’s expectations.

Let’s face it, anyone can jack a checklist and stick blue tape against a wall.  So why choose Performance Point?  You should choose Performance Point because we understand delivering quality requires more than just following a checklist.  A successful quality program requires clear standards, accountability, and the ability to track results in real-time so key managers can adjust to trends quickly.

We help you design and implement your quality program to best suit your needs.  We can work with your Customer Care team to develop a custom program or you can choose from one of our standard options.  If you are a homebuilder or trade contractor looking to improve your quality and customer service, we are here to help.

We offer 3 main types of Quality Inspections:

  • Mechanical Inspections
  • Fit and Finish Inspections
  • Pre-Drywall Inspections


Mechanical QI
Performance Point can help you improve your customer’s comfort, efficiency, and IAQ in a way that meets your needs. On one end of the spectrum we can help you develop a simple set of design guidelines your HVAC contractor(s) can use on your homes and then follow up with a design review to ensure your goals are being met. On the other end of the spectrum we can perform a full HVAC design and then follow-up with field inspections to make sure the design gets implemented correctly. Mechanical QI includes any and all portions of the process that are necessary to meet your needs and we specialize in putting together program elements to benefit you using our proven expeience and wide capability. From design through verification of envelope features and testing we have you covered.

Fit and Finish
Fit and Finish is the industry standard for QI. Fit and Finish includes a visual inspection of the interior and exterior of the home, testing all lighting and mechanical systems, testing appliances, testing doors, marking issues with tape, and sending a summary report immediatly upon completion. To put it plainly we give you the chance to have a homeowner in the house before the homeowner is in the house. Traditionally this service requires two inspections, but like all QI programs this can be customized to meet your needs. Our Fit and Finish QI includes about 150 data points and is always growing and changing based on customer needs.

Pre-Drywall QI
Don’t wait until you are 5 days out from a customer walk to fix a crooked wall, catch it before the wall is hung! This is just one example of our Pre-Drywall QI service. Other items include air sealing inspection for meeting code or rebate program needs, insulation installation for customer comfort, slab cracks, and floor squeaks.

We provide inspections in all the major markets throughout the Southeast!

Let us help you reduce stress on over-tasked superintendents, improve customer satisfaction scores, maximize the quality of workmanship from trades, identify trends in the home, ensure compliance with quality standards, and have access to digital documentation and interactive dashboard reports

Interested in learning more?  Send us a message at Info@ThePerformancePoint.com