How Performance Point Keeps Their Employees Happy

How Performance Point Keeps Their Employees Happy 

Written By:  Athena Seay

We all know that the happier your employees are, the more successful your business will be, but how exactly is this achieved?  I had the opportunity to have a one on one with some of Performance Point’s team members Russell Brown, and Scott Forsyth who shared their thoughts on why they are happy, content, and even ecstatic!

Russell has been with the company for over 5 years.  As Operations Manager, Russell’s responsibilities are ever-changing and various.  “That’s ok, that is what is most enjoyable about my job experience here, it’s not the same year after year, the endless monotony of doing the same thing day in and day out. The atmosphere here allows us to be creative, it’s like entrepreneurship without the risk!  Where one person cannot do it by themselves someone else pitches-in and together we solve issues, we’re a team.”

Scott has grown from Field Inspector to Manager of Business Development in the 3 years he has been with Performance Point.  Scott’s strong work ethic and yearning to learn more are supported by the management team.  “I feel we have a safety net, not only from the owner Sam Galphin, but from the whole team.”

And that team is growing!!!  

 This collaborative environment at Performance Point has worked well with their customers too. “We are not afraid to challenge processes or how something is being done.  We look through the lens of how we can make this better for the customer experience,” says Russell.

Russell also appreciates that everyone is recognized for their achievements. Whether it’s a personal call from the owner or a write-up in the newsletter, success is noticed.  

Communication within the organization as well as to our customers is impressive”, says Russell.  “We have a line of communication that allows all of us to talk to each other for support.  Communicating with customers reflects a friendly, warm feel too”.

Both Russell and Scott appreciate the work-life balance at Performance Point. “Yes, while we give it our all during those working hours, nothing is rigid, we are not micro-managed, and that makes life at home happy and fulfilling,” says Scott.  Russell says, he is “challenged but since things are always changing he doesn’t get burned-out”.

So, being a happy employee at Performance Point means being challenged, having the opportunity to grow within the company, having a work-life balance, being surrounded by a supportive team that treats you like family….from the words of Confucius 

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”