Air Sealing

As a full-service building performance contractor, Performance Point can engage your building process at all levels.  Our Air Sealing service is one service that displays how we are different from our competitors, who specialize in other services and offer energy inspections on the side.  For example, we are not an insulator, solar installer, erosion control contractor, or insurance adjusters who also just happens to do air sealing.  We are fully equipped to perform the services that you need to make your homes perform better.  From simply sealing your top plates to a full air sealing package guaranteed to get you below 3 ACH50, we can do it!

So often builders fail their ducts test as a result of the home not being properly air sealed, causing too much leakage through gaps and cracks.  A leaky house causes higher energy bills and allows moisture to enter the home.

To learn more about the importance of air sealing and the effects it can cause on a home, check out the links below!


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