Performance Point excels at guiding customers through challenging design problems.  A 300 unit multi family project or a single family home, we have the capacity and capability to help you navigate energy and green problems in today’s construction environment.

Next Level

Next Level is a service package that ranges from accurate estimating takeoffs to fully designed 3D renderings of a home’s construction showing all framing and mechanical systems.  This is the most economical way to prototype a new product and troubleshoot construction conflicts before they occur.  We can start with a sketch on a napkin or your existing house plans.  Our engineer relationships allow us to even provide you with turn key stamped plans and takeoffs from a sketch.  Learn More

HVAC Design


Performance Point is trusted by many home builders and HVAC contractors to complete their HVAC loads.  Our HVAC design capability includes Manual J, D, and S.   We can even complete 3D renderings of how the ducts should be installed on your project as part of our Next Level services.  Learn More


Thermal image - air leaks at baseboard - Infrared New England

Lets face it some times things go wrong and when they do you need a trade who is capable of getting to the root of the problem and devising a realistic solution while protecting your exposure.  We perform troubleshooting for builders who don’t even use us for our energy services because we are that good.  Our range of capabilities includes thermal imaging, flow hood testing and balancing, duct blower and door blower testing, borescope visual inspection, and advanced pressure diagnostics.  Learn More

Thermal Camera


Infrared is often thought of as the ultimate in building verification and inspection.  Without proper equipment, training, AND experience an infrared camera will do more harm than good!  Our infrared thermographers specialize in building envelope inspection and have the experience and knowledge to tackle the toughest problems.  Learn More

Solar Analysis

Solar PV, solar hot water, window shading, even annual landscape sun exposure can all be part of our solar analysis.  We are not in business to sell solar PV and thermal systems so when you call for a solar analysis we can help you accurately predict what you can expect out of a system before you purchase one.  We are in business to consult with you on your goals for what you want to gain or avoid from solar exposure.  How far should my overhangs be on my new sun room?  Where should we plant a tree and how tall should it be to shade this window on June and July afternoons?  Move the garden 2 feet to the left?  Cut this tree branch back 6 feet?  Will your chimney cause damaging partial shading on your PV array?  These are the questions we answer every day using onsite data collection and software analysis.  Learn More