Next Level is a service package that ranges from accurate estimating takeoffs to fully designed 3D renderings of a home’s construction showing all framing and mechanical systems.  This is the most economical way to prototype a new product and troubleshoot construction conflicts before they occur.  We can start with a sketch on a napkin or your existing house plans.  Our engineer relationships allow us to even provide you with turn key stamped plans and takeoffs from a sketch.

Level 1: House design estimation.  This includes an estimation of the quantity of materials and labor needed to get started according to your preference.

Level 2: Provide an HVAC Design which includes heating, cNext-Levelooling, and ventilating systems.  We can complete the HVAC design sections in checklists for programs like Energy Star Homes.  We will figure out how much heating and cooling your home needs, choose the right equipment for your home and your budget, and design the distribution system for your forced-air heating and cooling system to ensure each room is comfortable.

Level 3: House design estimation, HVAC design, and framing.  The framing consists of measuring the joists, rafters, studs, headers, etc. It will count posts, connectors, and more. We will calculate labor, waste, and equipment hours.

You can choose any level that best suits your needs. If you are struggling to get estimations done in a timely manner, are looking for quality customer service, and want to build more homes faster and more efficiently; then THIS is the program for you!  Feel free to call us for more information at 704.563.1030.