Sales Training

What good is all the work you put into that new house if you can’t sell it?  What good is it if it doesn’t bring you more return for your added effort?  We understand this and it’s our goal to help our customers realize the benefits of their hard earned energy rating,  whether it’s HERS, Energy Star, NGBS, or one of our many other programs.  Performance Point has been providing the best sales training and marketing support since day one.

Our sales and marketing support is our secret sauce.  Performance Point is committed to the success of our customers.  When you are our customer you are our business partner and we know our success is inextricably linked to yours.  To ensure our mutual success Performance Point spends extra time and effort performing industry-leading sales training, marketing support, and consulting on selling your chosen program.  We engage in a continuous cycle of training the sales agents/brokers, secret shopping to see the results of our training, then consulting with management on our findings to continue to help improve their sales program.  Even if you are just doing code level energy specs we can show you how to talk about your program in a way that will help you sell more homes.  If you’d like this kind of support in your sales strategy, please contact us.