With all the energy and green ratings available today you need a partner to walk through the process of choosing and implementing the right program.  Performance Point is your partner.  Implementing a program with us includes training your field staff, trades, and most importantly your sales staff.  Our sales training will help you get more money for your homes and gain the competitive advantage you are looking for.

Energy Star

Energy Star is widely understood to be the premier energy efficiency program for residential new construction.  Obtaining Energy Star certification is a complex process involving checklist requirements and energy performance standards.  All parts of the house including,lighting, appliances, framing, insulation, air sealing, water heating, and HVAC, are included in the detailed modeling and checklists.  Learn More

HERS Rating

HERS stands for Home Energy Rating System.  The HERS Rating process is governed by an organization called RESNET who oversees standards, training, quality assurance, and a formal complaint resolution process.  Learn More


The ICC700 National Green Building Standard is a green building program that emphasizes healthy homes, lower operating costs, and sustainability.  The program is very builder friendly with plenty of built in accountability provided through Home Innovation Research Lab.  Learn More