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Duke Progress Total Rebate Dollars

Performance Point knows how important it is to help our customers take advantage of rebate programs and different incentives available.  We currently participate in multiple programs to help you maximize your profits with Utility Rebate Incentives.  Learn about the Duke Energy Residential New Construction Program (RNC) and Santee Cooper Rebate Program below.

Duke Energy Residential New Construction Program (RNC)

Learn how to save energy and money for your business through Duke Energy’s incentives program.  With these rebates and incentives, you can significantly reduce your upfront project costs and gain financial leverage to make upgrades that will save energy and money!  To qualify, the equipment must meet the 2012 NCECC HERO standards and the efficiency requirements outlined below.

The RNC program can provide up to $9,000 in rebates per home!  Choose from the Equipment Pathway or the Whole House Pathway

Equipment Incentives:

  • $250 for AC or heat pump with SEER of 14 or greater but less than 15
  • $300-$375 for AC or heat pump with SEER of 15
  • $350/unit for Energy star heat pump water heater with minimum energy factor of 2.0

Whole House Incentives:

  • $750 per home HERO prescriptive
  • A builder is eligible for rebates up to $9,000 depending on the amount of kilowatt-hours (kWh) saved.
  • This pathway requires that all homes achieve 4 ACH50 on blower door testing and 4% duct leakage on duct blaster testing. All Energy Star homes already achieve this as part of the EPA requirements. All rebates are based on kWh savings.

Steps to Participate:

  1. Call on a participating contractor (Performance Point)
  • We evaluate your current plans, suggest trade-offs, project your rebates and process the applications.
  1. Apply at duke-energy.com/rncbuilder.
  2. Make Improvements
  3. Get your Money $$$ – It usually takes 4-6 weeks to arrive.

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Santee Cooper Rebate Program

Performance Point is pleased to also participate in the Smart Energy New Homes Program provided by Santee Cooper.  To be eligible to receive rebates, a qualifying home must achieve a HERS Rating of 85 or lower as verified by Performance Point.  The home must meet 2009 IECC requirements and be in the Santee Cooper Territory which consists of Monks Corner, Conway, Myrtle, N. Myrtle, an Murrels Inlet.

Other qualifications include:

  • The home must be new construction
  • The home must be separately metered and receive electrical service from Santee Cooper
  • The home must be a single-family construction or a unit in a multi-family building that has its own heating, cooling and hot water systems, separate from other units
  • Must have Heat Pump AHRI Certificate
  • The home must be all electric, excluding hybrid heat pumps, gas cooktops and gas fireplaces
  • Construction for all homes must be completed and a permanent meter set prior to November 30 of the Program Year in which a Rebate Reservation Worksheet is submitted

Eligibility requirements and rebate amount for single family are based off a tiered system.

  • Tier 1 – Achieve a HERS index of 65 or below: $3,000
  • Tier 2 – Achieve a HERS index of 75 or below: $1,600
  • Tier 3 – Achieve a HERS index of 85 or below: $800

Documents Required:

1) A Rebate Reservation Worksheet

2) A Smart Energy New Homes Program Participation Application and Agreement and a Form W-9 (a Form W-9 is only required once in a Program Year)

3) Project Completion Form – Performance Pathway (to be submitted by Rater upon completion of the home by November 30 of the Program Year listed in the Rebate Reservation Worksheet)

4) Heat Pump AHRI Certificate(s)

5) Domestic Hot Water Heater AHRI Certificate or specification sheet containing energy factor and rated storage volume

6) For homes modeled in REM/Rate

  1. Fuel Summary Report (with reference home)
  2. Home Energy Rating Certificate showing the HERS score of 85 or less

7) For homes modeled in Energy Gauge:

  1. Home Energy Rating Certificate showing the HERS score of 85 or less
  2. Savings Summary

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