Performance Point is a full service building inspection contractor specializing in building performance and quality inspections.  We have been an industry leader since 2008.  We have a strong emphasis on residential new construction for Single Family and Multifamily projects.  We employ experts in our field to guide our customers from concept through completion on every project.

The leadership at Performance Point represents a wide variety of service, marketing, construction, manufacturing, and design disciplines. We are using this experience to change the way our customers build houses. We hope our customers will notice our distinctives whenever they interact with us.

Single Family Services:  

  • IECC Code Compliance Testing
  • HERS Ratings
  • Quality Fit n Finish Inspections
  • Loads/Manual (J,D,S)
  • ResChecks & ERI
  • Air Sealing
  • Assure Performance
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Rebate Processing

Multifamily Services: 

  • Energy Compliance & Modeling
  • Above Code Certifications
  • Quality Fit n Finish Inspections
  • Mechanical Design & Consulting
  • Government Loan Incentives
  • Utility Rebate Processing
  • IECC Code Testing/Inspections
  • Commissioning

Why Choose Us:

  • Simplified checklist management using our online tool for Builders & HVAC Contractors
  • A proven track record of success, ask for references!
  • Staffed to cover a broad scope of services
  • Very competitive pricing!
  • Maximize rebate returns
  • The capacity to service many projects in multiple locations
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Clear point of contact
  • Instant inspection reports

Performance Point began in Charlotte in 2008. We have expanded our Single Family markets to all the major markets in North and South Carolina, Knoxville (TN), and Richmond (VA).  Our Multifamily division has grown all throughout the US, with a strong presence in the North and South East.

Integrity.  Integrity is first.  Integrity in scheduling, integrity in inspections, and reporting.

Capability.  Our capabilities range from framing and mechanical design and estimating services to commissioning and forensic analysis of building failures.

Capacity.  We currently staff employees based in all of the markets we serve, and we have the capacity to meet your most sensitive scheduling needs.

Proven.  We are not new at this and neither is the way we operate our business.  Ask around, we’ve proven ourselves time and time again.  Let us prove ourselves to you.

Interested in learning more?

Performance Point is here to help.  Let us help you!